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'Slavery @ the Cape'
of Good Hope in both Dutch and British South Africa

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With the forthcoming 400 th Anniversary of the Dutch East India Company, in Amsterdam in 2002 with its 10 month long commemoration programme, the impact on the social systems of former colonies such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, especially the enduring legacy of slavery will become a significant ‘other’ material world view as the hidden history with untold stories of the silent voices i.e. VOC slaves, bandieten, local Khoisan tribes, zielverkopers, etc as part of the ‘black pages’ of the Dutch Colonial past.

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  • readers as web surfers,
  • historians interested in Dutch Colonial Slavery period and the British Anti-Slavery Emancipation campaigns,
  • students of South African history, and
  • pupils/learners who are busy with school assignments such as the UNESCO SLAVE TRADE ROUTES PROJECT.
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